Battle Tactics And War Manoeuvers Of The Sikhs

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Eighteenth century was an intense period in the history of the Sikhs. Extreme persecution continued unabated for over six decades. The Sikhs were virtually crushed by the mighty Islamic powers — Mughals and Afghans. Their main objective was to extirpate the Sikhs because they were the biggest impediment to their complete domination of Hindustan. A handful of the Sikhs were fighting the battle of their survival. With sheer strength of their arms, resoluteness and indomitable courage, they came out from their hideouts and spread over the entire Punjab.The essence of amazing battle tactics extensively devised and deployed by the Sikh warriors, their sterling courage, unmatched military skill in wielding the weapons, rapid regrouping and military acumen to launch sudden surgical shock attacks is capsuled in this book, which hitherto remained unknown. A rare piece of historical evidence that speaks volumes of the indomitable courage of the Sikhs by their most embittered enemy.

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