About Us

Our firm M/s. B. Chattar Singh Jiwan Singh is an oldest firm, who has been publishing books on Sikh religion. This firm was established in 1880 A.D. for the propogation of the Sikh religion. Keeping this aim in view we started composing the hand written Guru Granth Sahib Ji to manifest in Gurdwaras. We appointed some scribes of good hands to write the Gurbani and Sri Guru Granth Sahibs. We also made elaborate arrangements for the decent bindings of the holy Granth.

When the process of lithoprinting was introduced we published the lithographic volumes of the holy Granth and Gurbani Gutkas.

With the change of time we started publishing the holy Granth and Gutkas in type printing and we are pioneers in this field to bring out the first type printed Sri Guru Granth Sahib. There would not be no exaggeration if we assert that first ‘Pad Shed’ (Seperate Words) Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji was published by our firm. The well known Sikh scholar Giani Mohinder Singh ‘Rattan’ son of S. Budh Singh Ji did this important work. Our next project was to publish books on Sikh history and Sikh philosophy. For this purpose we had to establish a well to date printing press. So now we installed Jeewan Printers and equipped it with up to date Computers, Offset Machines & Binding Units. Now this printing press is unique in this field.

We are supplying books of other publishers and writers at the nominal rates. The writers from abroad and India have been getting their works published & printed according to world standards in printing from our sister concern Jiwan Printers.

Our five storeyed Sikh Resource Centre, the ultra modern complex, with an air conditioned show room is just near Golden Temple.

From our religious books & CD store, all types of Gurbani Gutkas in original & with translations in Punjabi, Hindi, English & Urdu and books on religion, history, medicine, astrology, magic, general knowledge, literature, Dictionaries, new year Diaries, Jantaris and Patrees are available. We have made special arrangements to supply the books throughout India and all over the world. We have stocked the books of all prominent writers, publishers & are the distributors of all Universities of Punjab. Also available CD’s of all the renowned Hazoori Ragis of Golden Temple and various other shrines.

By Guru’s blessings we have got the honor to serve the nation for five generations. We pray to Guru to grant us more power to spread the message of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. We are very grateful to our customers by whose co-operation we have been able to serve our nation and the Sikhs all over the world. Thousands of pilgrims come to Amritsar to pay their homage to the holy Harimandir Sahib, we feel very proud that these pilgrims have made it a must to visit The Sikh Resource Centre, at our new complex. It is our humble request that they should consider this centre as their own and they would be welcomed with great honor.